Great Yarmouth Port Authority

The Port of Great Yarmouth is a Trust Port administered by Great Yarmouth Port Authority. It is the Statutory Harbour Authority and Competent Harbour Authority for the Port of Great Yarmouth and the reversionary landlord of the port estate.

In 2007, GYPA leased the Port of Great Yarmouth to the Great Yarmouth Port Company Ltd. (GYPC), for 99 years pursuant to Section 43 of the Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour Act of 1986. In 2015 GYPC was acquired by Peel Ports

GYPA’s current non-executive board is appointed under the terms of the GYPA (Constitution) Harbour Revision Order (HRO) 2015. On the 12 June 2015, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) made a reconstitution order which revised the board appointments.


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GYPC (Peel Ports)

GYPC (Peel Ports) became the owner and operator of the port business and the employer of the management and staff at the port previously employed by GYPA. GYPC (Peel Ports) acts as agent for GYPA in the discharge of its duty as Statutory Harbour Authority and some elements of its responsibilities as Competent Harbour Authority.

GYPA: Port of Great Yarmouth

The Port of Great Yarmouth

The Port of Great Yarmouth comprises a deep-water outer harbour accepting vessels up to 220 metres in length and up to 10.5 metres draught at all states of tide along with the river port which accepts vessels of up to 120 metres in length or up to 6.2 metres dependant on tidal conditions. It is a modern, multipurpose facility with 24/7 unrestricted operations.

For information regarding the quays and wharf and the facilities available on both sides of the River Yare click here.


For Operational matters and queries regarding entering or leaving the Port and requests for Pilotage please contact Port Marine Services 01493 335511

GYPA: Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour - Robin Hill

Strategically Located

The Port of Great Yarmouth is strategically located to serve the gas fields of the southern North Sea (SNS) and offshore wind farms, having established itself as a centre of excellence in the offshore gas and wind energy sectors. It sits at the centre of the largest concentration of offshore wind projects in the world within 100miles. It also offers the shortest North Sea crossing between Great Britain and continental Europe.

Additionally, the Port of Great Yarmouth has a long tradition with general and projects, handling a wide range of cargoes including fertilisers, grain, timber, aggregates and dry and liquid bulks.

GYPA: Port of Great Yarmouth

Board Members

Roger Arundale, Chairman
Alastair MacFarlane, Vice-Chairman
Gary Doyle, Harbour Master
Peter Wright, Clerk
Patrick McNamara, Independent Member
Martin Swinley, Independent Member
Ashley Harrison, Independent Member

GYPA: Port of Great Yarmouth

Reports and General Information

The  2023 GYPA Public Meeting was  held on Wednesday the 20th September at Vanguard House,South Beach Parade,Great Yarmouth.

The 2024 Annual Public Meeting will be held in September.




GYPA Harbour Revision Order 2022/3 Great Yarmouth Port Authority Accounts and Financial Report Note of the Annual Public Meeting of GYPA 2023.
GYPA: Port of Great Yarmouth
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